Weapons of the Crimean War


In this section we have only a few weapons of this period to display.  More will be added as soon as we obtain them. Each weapon will accompanied by photographs, technical specifications, and a full description. We have tried to focus of the history of each weapon's development, its capabilities and limitations, and where they have been used in combat. The various types of ammunition that each weapon used are also listed and described.



New Service Firearms

Other Service Firearms

  • M-1854 Rifled Percussion Musket
  • M-1854 Dragoon Musket
  • M-1856 Jaeger Percussion Rifle
  • M-1854 Percussion Pistol


Swords, Bayonets, and Fighting Knives

Weapons Developed

Weapons in Service


Earlier Period

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The Crimean War

Later Period