Russian Weapons of
the Crimean War



The Crimean War found the Russian army in a difficult situation.  It had adopted percussion technology rather late in comparison to other nations and had very few rifles.  To compound matters, the tsar's obsession with drill and ceremony left little room for training or supply.  Despite numerous heroic actions, these inadequacies led to the defeat of the army on its home soil.

Here we have several weapons to display, some dating from far before the period.  Newer weapons developed during this period are in the first column, while older weapons remaining in service are found in the second column.  Each is accompanied by photographs, technical specifications, and a full description of the weapon.  We have tried to focus of the history of each weapon's development, its capabilities and limitations, and where they have been used in combat.  The various types of ammunition used with each weapon are also listed and described.


Rifles and Muskets

  • M-1854 Rifled Percussion Musket
  • M-1854 Dragoon Musket
  • M-1856 Jaeger Percussion Rifle
Service Pistols
  • M-1854 Percussion Pistol
Swords, Bayonets, and Fighting Knives



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